is out, main prototyping for Clockwork Mechanic

A week ago I started this project as more of a prototype/proof of concept, but have enjoyed the challenges immensely, especially with this being my first project.

Being such early alpha, many features that are planned for later levels, such as activatable skills, much more interaction, and more polished coding are not in yet. Notes

Core physics and puzzle mechanics in game.

Level 1/tutorial level added.

Background music(could change in the future)

Some ambient sounds(more to be added)

Basic texturing(will definitely be improved, I am very new to substance painter)

To Do:

More levels

Skill system

Better textures/models

Optimize code

Add Mac/Linux support(possibly)

Better UI

Better HUD

And more that escapes at the moment.


Clockwork Mechanic.zip
Jun 26, 2017

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